Schneider Electric Recalls QOB-VH Circuit Breakers

Schneider Electric has issued a safety alert and recall after identifying a potential nonconformance with QOB-VH circuit breakers (2 and 3 pole circuit breakers, 125A and 150A) built to the UL 489 standard and manufactured from May 2, 2013 through August 8, 2013 (date codes 13184 – 13325 inclusive).

The affected QOB-VH circuit breakers may have a nonconforming trip system. If the trip system is nonconforming, there is a risk that the circuit breaker will not trip on an overload condition, resulting in the potential for property damage and personal injury.

All affected products should be returned to Schneider Electric. If you have questions, contact Schneider Electric Product Support Services at (800) 634-8730 and refer to Project RC105.

For recommended actions and help identifying if you have a QOB-VH circuit breaker installed that is affected by the recall:
Schneider Electric Recall Instructions for QOB-VH Circuit Breakers

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