New Wire Management Solutions from Ilsco

1459992_590327351033084_678798810_n1Wire management clips are designed to clip onto a thin metal edge to provide a means to hold cables or wires in place. The clips have directional angled teeth built-in that spread apart as the clip is pushed onto the metal edge, and bites into the metal surface, creating a tight, secure grip onto the metal edge.
ILSCO’s nylon wire management clips, Type NWC, are available with and without cable ties. The clips offer different orientations for securing the cable ties. Type SSWC stainless steel clips are available with four unique maximum cable diameters.
Wire management clips have become a common accessory for solar panel projects where they are used to hold up the ground and power wires that are daisy chained from panel to panel.

Ilsco’s Nylon Wire Mgmt Clips

Ilsco’s Stainless Steel Wire Mgmt Clips

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