NEW from Arlington Black Button™ NM Cable Connectors

Arlington-Black-Button-NM-ConnectorListed for single or multiple cables, Arlington’s non-metallic Black Button™ NM Cable Connectors offer smooth, easy cable insertion into a single opening while exceeding UL and CSA pullout requirements.

They are the lowest cost NM cable connectors on the market and the fastest to install. Simply push the connector into the knockout, and you’re done!

• Removable, reusable
• 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ trade sizes
• UL/CSA Listed
• Holds one or two cables in two separate openings:
– One or two 12/2
– One or two 14/2
– One 12/2 & one 14/2
– One or two 10/2

For multiple cable installations, insert two cables together or individually into NM94 or NM95. Add a second cable without removing the first.

Arlington Black Button NM Connector Spec Sheet

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