Klein® Tools Expands Personal Protective Equipment Line with Journeyman™ Gloves

KleinTools-Journeyman-Glove-GroupKlein Tools expands its Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) product line with the new Journeyman™ Gloves. The new Journeyman Series of gloves is made specifically for trade professionals who may encounter cuts, scrapes, impact injuries and vibration injuries on a regular basis.

The daily impact that hands take when performing certain tasks can take a toll on health and performance. By wearing gloves, tradespeople can protect hands and joints from excessive abuse, reduce chemical exposure, and prevent blisters, cuts, and impact and vibration injuries. With advanced technology, tougher materials and enhanced features, Klein Tools’ premium-quality Journeyman™ Gloves will provide professionals better hand-protection on the job in addition to more comfort and durability.

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