Ideal’s 770 Series TightSight® Clamp Meter

Ideal-TightSight-Clamp-Meter-Image_WPThe new feature-rich IDEAL TightSight® Clamp Meters are built to professional quality standards to withstand tough use in commercial and industrial settings. The High Frequency Rejection (HFR) feature measures accurately even in noisy electrical environments. For everything from load measurement to troubleshooting industrial motors and adjustable speed drives (ASDs), the new TightSight Clamps bring speed, accuracy, safety and ease-of-use together in one rugged meter line.

Common Features:

• TightSight® bottom display
• Tapered jaws with hook tip
• Measures AC Current
• True RMS
• AC/DC Voltage
• Selectable audible and visual voltage alerts on AC/DC voltage functions
• Frequency via clamp head or test leads
• Resistance
• Capacitance
• High Frequency Rejection*
• Peak hold
• Max/min
• Data hold
• Audible continuity
• Selectable auto power off
• Backlit display
• Low Battery Indicator**
• Includes leads, alligator clips and case
• CAT IV – 600V rating
• CAT III – 1000V rating
• 2-year warranty

Ideal TightSight Clamp Meter Brochure

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