Hubbell Wiring’s New USB Charger 4 Port Outlet

Hubbell-USB-Charger-4-Port-Outlet-WPHubbell’s USB 4 Port Charger provides USB power in a
standard single gang electrical opening. Designed to provide
maximum charging for personal electronics, the USB ports are
capable of delivering a total of 5 amps to multiple electronics
simultaneously. The outlet features a USB port door, which when
opened enables power, when closed all power is switched
off. This eliminates all current flow for a “zero” no load draw.
Buildings looking to provide 100% green efficiency in power
delivery will maximize LEED and energy design.


  • Four USB ports 5 Amp, 5V DC, type A, class 2.0
  • Switch activated port door; when opened delivers power, when closed shuts off power
  • Green LED indicator to show USB power available
  • Heavy duty stainless steel USB ports; rated for 10,000 cord insertions and removals
  • Solid or stranded wire use:
    – Hot + Neutral: back wire compression clamp
    – Ground: back or side wire


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