Greenlee’s New Cable Length Meters Offer Measurement Options for Large Cable Spools

Greenlee-Cable-Length-MeterGreenlee introduces new cable length meters, developed for measuring the length of insulated copper and aluminum conductors on a spool. The versatile CLM-1000 is designed for AWG/kcmil wire and cable while the CLM-1000E can be used for metric wire and cable.

No need to make time-consuming estimates based on weight or turns of cable on the spool, or to rely on manually-recorded usage that could be inaccurate. The new Greenlee cable length meters feature 20,000 count LCD with backlight, Kelvin-type alligator clips, with solid copper contacts to assure low-resistance connection to the cable being measured, automatic temperature compensation for maximum accuracy and convenience and an automatic power off switch to maximize battery life.

Greenlee Cable Length Meters Data Sheet

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