Arlington Industries New Non-Metallic Screw-On Connectors

Arlington Non-Metallic Screw-On Connector_WPArlington’s one-piece non-metallic straight and 90° screw-on connectors are now available in 1″ trade sizes.

Designed for use on non-metallic, liquid-tight conduit, Type B and flexible non-metallic tubing, installation is fast and easy. These connectors screw on to conduit by hand, with no tools required.

The job looks great too. The outer body on NMSC series connectors overlaps the conduit, hiding the ugly cut ends when it’s screwed on.

When fully tightened the internal taper squeezes onto the conduit forming a reliable liquid-tight seal. Plus, you can unscrew the connector a full turn and still have a Listed liquid-tight installation.

  • Ships fully assembled
  • Made of UV rated plastic for long outdoor life
  • Arlington’s most economical liquid-tight connectors are available in straight and 90°; gray or black

Arlington Non-Metallic Screw-On Connector Spec Sheet

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