Safety: Is There Bad Blood at Work?

Safety: Is There Bad Blood at Work?It’s possible that a coworker’s blood is contaminated with bloodborne pathogens and your coworker doesn’t know it. In many cases, a person is a carrier or just in the early stages of what will be a deadly disease. So there are few, if any outward symptoms to alert anyone.

Another person infected by that blood could become seriously ill or even die. You need to assume that all blood from other persons carries disease, and treat it accordingly. This doesn’t mean you need to run for the nearest exit if a coworker gets a scratch or even bleeds copiously from a severed artery. It does mean you need to understand and apply the basic blood safety steps. They are:

  • Fortify. Keep your own immune system strong. Get adequate rest, and eat plenty of fruit. If you feel rundown, see your doctor.
  • Contain. Use something absorbent to keep blood from creating a touch or slip hazard. Taping off the area until hazardous cleanup is complete is a good idea.
  • Isolate. Don’t let a bleeding person continue to work; take him to an aid station.
  • Clean up. Use an approved blood cleanup kit. Discard blood-contaminated items into a receptacle designated for such items or use sturdy plastic bags marked “biohazard.”
  • Notify. Report the incident to your foreman before resuming work.
  • Evaluate. Walk your foreman through what happened, and see if the two of you can identify additional steps to take.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection

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