Safety in the Ceiling

Safety In the CeilingToday’s ceiling spaces contain large amounts of equipment such as low-voltage suspended ceiling power systems, communications equipment (including wireless routers in just about any hotel), building management equipment, fire detection and alarm circuits, automated HVAC components, security devices, and various sensors.

In addition to the ladder hazards involved in working in these spaces, areas above ceilings may contain energized wiring. And there’s no shortage of sharp edges up there. All of these hazards may be compounded by building occupants entering your work area.

Here’s a safety tip that may help you make money: look for NEC violations when scoping out the job. If you see SO cords in the ceiling space, you can safely bet there are plenty of other NEC violations in that building. Proceed with caution and with an eye toward getting paid to fix those.

Other tips:

  • Use lockout/tagout procedures, even if the breaker panel is within sight.
  • Rope off the area to keep people out.
  • Wear your hardhat.
  • Eliminate wasted trips up and down by keeping a list of the tools and parts needed, then bring all of them up in one or two buckets (by rope) instead of jamming things into your pockets.
  • Stay off the top two ladder steps. Where possible, erect scaffolding instead of using a ladder.
  • Set up lighting on the work area using other openings. This reduces clutter around the ladder.
  • Use battery-powered lamps, where possible, and tools to eliminate cords.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection

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