Increasing Productivity by Tapping the Single Best Resource

Increasing Productivity by Tapping the Single Best ResourceEven the best-planned productivity programs may fail, no matter how hard management tries to implement them.

Often, such programs assume there’s something wrong with the employees and if you fix folks you get more output. Voila, productivity goes up! But most (if not all) of your employees believe they do good work and earn an honest day’s pay. By ignoring this positive self-image and treating people as defects in need of correction, you actually cause productivity to decrease.

Your people want to know they have your respect. Therein lies the secret to successfully increasing productivity. One way to give this respect is to ask people for their input, then take it seriously. People want to be heard, so listen to them.

Don’t make productivity about telling people what to do and heaping more requirements upon them. Make it about working together so your company is more competitive in the marketplace.

Some tips:

  • Ask people for their ideas on how to do things better, rather than telling them what they are doing wrong.
  • Look for ways to work smarter, not harder or faster.
  • Examine work methods for wasted steps. Rather than tell people to skip particular steps, ask them how to streamline a specific work process to reduce the number of steps needed.
  • Ask people for their ideas on tools and technology that can improve workflow.
  • If you see inefficient work methods, ask the worker for improvement ideas.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection

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