Be in Charge of Your Safety When in a Battery Room

Be in Charge of Your Safety When in a Battery RoomIt’s increasingly common to find onsite power generation and battery backup systems. Both the memory of blackouts and the looming prospect of more have driven many companies to install a battery system onsite. It’s no longer the case that you find these almost solely at data centers and hospitals.

Unfortunately, batteries pose special dangers such as:

  • It’s always on. There’s always a voltage between the posts, and it’s enough to seriously hurt you.
  • There’s acid in the jar. And maybe on the posts. And maybe on….
  • Gassing is normal, and if ventilation isn’t adequate a deadly explosion is inevitable.

To ensure you can work safely in the battery room:

  • Wear the required PPE (e.g., face shield, gloves, apron). Also use insulated tools and bring an insulated blanket to cover the battery connections you might be working over.
  • Follow the check-in/checkout procedures, and never enter a battery room alone.
  • Upon entering, find the eye wash stations; you won’t be able to look once there’s a splash in your eyes. Memorize the location.
  • Ditto for spill kits and neutralizing agents.
  • Verify that exhaust fans are running; if not, get out of there immediately.
  • Don’t touch any part of your face until after you’ve left the room and cleaned up.

When you leave the battery room, you aren’t necessarily out of danger. Clean your tools (to remove any acid), and wash your hands.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection

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