Are You Qualified?

Are-You-QualifiedMany people think that if they’ve been given an assignment, they are qualified to do it. While this should be true, not every supervisor makes it that way.

If your supervisor determines you are not a qualified employee, you are not a qualified employee. That’s because meeting the standard of “qualified” includes several requirements and one of those is that your company authorizes you to do the work.

But your supervisor could be mistaken when saying you are a qualified employee, by just assuming you meet the other requirements. If you have reason to believe you aren’t qualified for a particular task, tell your supervisor why. For example, if you don’t completely understand what it takes to perform the task, you are not qualified to perform it. Don’t do the work until the matter is settled on a factual (versus authority) basis.

Some of the things a qualified person understands:

  • The hazards and precautions involved in a specific type of task or operation and in the equipment used to complete it.
  • The approach distances, PPE requirements, grounding requirements, and insulating requirements for the equipment.
  • The emergency procedures specific to the job at hand.
  • How to identify, lock out, and tag out energy sources particular to the task.
  • How to verify de-energization of a given circuit, breaker, or equipment being worked with the appropriate measurement device.

Finally, don’t confuse general ability with specific qualifications. Each task has its own set of qualifications.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection

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