Motor Controllers, Part 3

Motor Controllers, Part 3In our previous issue, we noted that if you buy your motor controllers from a reputable distributor, those controllers will comply with the requirements of 430.82.

Sometimes, there is pressure to “save money” by going through oddball channels for electrical equipment. The items are cheaper, but not less expensive.

You save money on the purchase cost because what you are getting is not the equivalent of what the reputable distributor offers. It may be off-label, perhaps bearing a “brand name” that is one letter off from a quality brand. It might be “remanufactured” and retain the original label but there’s no audit trail to ensure it’s safe.

Now, you could send the part out to a testing laboratory to ensure it’s going to function properly. But that is very expensive. It may also be very expensive to install the counterfeit or off-label part only to find out after a personal injury incident your insurance company won’t pay because you used NEC-violating parts. So when selecting a motor controller, also select a reputable source.

Other selection factors are important, too. For example, will the controller be in a wet environment?

Your next step is to determine the rating of the controller.

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