Stretching Those Lamp Dollars, Part 4

In addition to the technical evaluation discussed in Part 3, a good lighting evaluator can save you money. Earlier, we mentioned utility rebates. But there are many other ways to save costs and improve cash flow while getting the lighting system you need.

First, analyze the relamping project to see that it best meets your needs. Ask the lighting evaluator for a breakdown of the job. What services will the relamping firm actually perform? For example, it’s typically cost-effective to pay a relamping firm to handle your lamp disposal. What about ballast replacement?

After you determine the scope, look at financing. For example, consider a fixed monthly payment scheme for your relamping service. A finance fee for this arrangement is often worth paying, because the monthly arrangement improves cash flow and makes budgeting easier.

If your relamping provider doesn’t offer this sort of financial arrangement, a good lighting evaluator can find you a reliable relamping firm that does. Your plant controller is probably the best person to work out the details.

Before contacting plant controller about this, ask your lighting evaluator about financing available through any of the partner leasing companies you might do business with in the course of a major lighting upgrade.

For example, will you need to lease four scissor lifts for the relamping work? That can create cash flow or capital crunch issues for your plant. A good lighting evaluator will be able to provide information on financing offers these companies have available.

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