Retrofit Factors for Contractors, Part 5

Retrofit Factors for Contractors, Part 5In Part 4, we reached the point where you’ve used a lighting audit to help the customer narrow down options for a lighting retrofit. You could stop here and leave the customer feeling satisfied with your service. But why not leave the customer feeling delighted with your service, instead?

You can offer a “savings audit” for a small fee. If the job is big enough or you are trying to gain a foothold with this customer for more work later, at no charge. Some things this should include:

  • Look for applicable rebates; these might be from the utility, a state program, or a manufacturer.
  • Look at maintenance costs. For example, if the current lamp/shade/lens design requires periodic cleaning but a different design reduces or eliminates this, you have a cost-savings. Another example would be the cost-savings on relamping schedules if you replace fluorescent with LED. Ask your customer what their current maintenance cost is, and look at ways to reduce it.
  • Compare energy consumption. Take a methodical approach. Simple comparisons of Lamp A to Lamp B lead to erroneous savings statements. This is especially the case with LED. While LED provides stunning savings in energy versus other options, it’s often overstated.

These audits usually tilt to LED, which also wins in several other areas. But it doesn’t win in all areas; focus on those areas that are most important to the customer.

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