Retrofit Factors for Contractors, Part 4

Retrofit Factors for Contractors, Part 4In Part 3, we discussed how you can help your customer decide on the best choice for a lighting retrofit project. That discussion focused on getting the customer into a dialogue about the problems the retrofit can solve.

But the customer might not actually know about some problems that a lighting retrofit will solve and probably can’t quantify those if you mention them. You must first listen to the customer, but then you need to collect information the customer is probably not aware of.

To do this, you conduct a lighting audit and analysis. Look at the work being performed in each area that’s targeted for a retrofit. Using a light meter, measure the existing light at the locations where it’s needed.

Note the brightness of surfaces such as walls, and note any dark spots (even if they are in peripheral areas). Look around for task lights; can a lighting upgrade eliminate these? Talk to people in that area, but ask pointed questions, such as “Do you make mistakes because of lighting?”

Look at the existing lamps, shades, and lenses. If they show little evidence of maintenance (e.g., excessively dirty), product selection can have big benefits here.

Using the dialog approach, you steered the customer toward recommended options. Now with this audit, you revisit those options and refine things further. But there’s more to consider, as we’ll see in Part 5.

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