Retrofit Factors for Contractors, Part 3

Retrofit Factors for Contractors, Part 3How can you help your customer decide on the best choice for a lighting retrofit project? As we discussed in Part 2, you need to get the customer into a dialogue about the problems the retrofit can solve. You need to probe for what those problems are.

But don’t be thinking of what you can sell the customer. Instead, really listen to the answers. Write them down. Ask the customer which ones are the most important.

Once you know the main objectives that motivate the customer toward a retrofit, offer choices for meeting those objectives. Don’t talk about any other objectives; they aren’t relevant.

Let’s suppose the customer has T8 lamps and has stated that energy-savings is a prime reason for the retrofit. But the customer may have other considerations that limit what can be done. So don’t jump to LED. First, talk about T5. That’s the easy upgrade. Give some ballpark cost parameters. Then say that LED will provide greater better cost-savings, but it’s a much more involved upgrade. Offer a couple of package deals with ballpark cost parameters. Then show some photos of example products and, if possible, some example installations.

You’re still exploring options, here. So listen very carefully to the customer’s response to each choice. Say, “Let me make sure I understand. You are saying X, correct?” Write down what the customer said, because you are going to incorporate that input into more precise choices.

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