Retrofit Factors for Contractors, Part 2

Retrofit Factors for Contractors, Part 2How can you help your customer decide on the best choice for a lighting retrofit project? Begin by listening to what problem(s) the customer is really trying to solve. Then propose solutions and get a dialogue going.

Use that discussion to educate the customer about the choices available and the issues that should be considered.

The first such issue is to identify the driver(s) for this retrofit. Be careful not to ask, “Why in the world do you want to change your lighting system?” You don’t want the customer to reconsider the whole idea. Start with something you notice. For example, “You said you wanted more light in this area. But I notice the existing lamps are fluorescent T8s. Would lowering your electric bill also be a reason to make changes?”

That question allows you to discuss the merits of converting the system to T5 fluorescent. And it will open the door to other technologies. For example, “You know they’re doing a lot with LED lighting, these days. Since you want to really save money on your electric bill, that’s worth a serious look.”

Ask about their fluorescent lamp disposal program. How would they like to eliminate that? Ask about their relamping program. How would they like to eliminate that, as well? Ask about luminaire cleaning; is it a headache to deal with? Probe for other pain points you can address.

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