Retrofit Factors for Contractors, Part 1

Retrofit Factors for Contractors, Part 1Lighting retrofits literally and figuratively form a bright spot in the economic landscape for electrical contractors. The demand for this work is up, even though the demand for many other kinds of work is down.

One of the big drivers is the excitement over LED lighting. While these installations hold  potential problems (which we have discussed in recent issues), the results (if the project is properly planned and executed) are often stunning. The improved aesthetics, lower maintenance costs, and energy savings form a trifecta of nearly irresistible appeal.

Other drivers include:

  • Reconfiguration of the space.
  • Lighting technology change (e.g., from fluorescent to metal halide).
  • General upgrade (e.g., replacing existing fluorescent lamps/ballasts with newer, more energy-efficient designs but keeping the same general layout).
  • Addition of controls.
  • Addressing the need for a higher level of general illumination.

These, and other reasons, provide the smart contractor opportunities for more than just a one-shot installation job. To provide the “wow factor” that truly pleases the customer, provides great referrals, and leads to more work with this customer, don’t just submit a bid and hope to beat out the competition. Instead:

  1. Identify the particular driver(s) for this retrofit.
  2. Offer alternatives for meeting those objectives; if possible, show examples.
  3. Listen carefully to the customer’s response to each alternative.
  4. Incorporate the feedback to offer revised alternatives.
  5. Help the customer decide on the best choice.

These five steps will set you apart from the competition.

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