Lower Lighting Costs in High Bays, Part 4

A customer of yours would like to reduce high bay lighting costs, but the corporate office has turned down the funding for two of your proposals already. You can save the customer money, but they can’t afford to do the project. Does this sound familiar?

It’s likely a matter of cash flow and capital. The solution is to find out what the limits are for this type of project, and then propose something within those limits. Ask for a meeting, preferably in person or via Skype, with the plant controller (or person in a similar role). The stated and actual purpose is to learn what the controller needs to get project approval and what amount everyone could realistically expect to be approved. Think of the controller as your funding obstacle coach and focus the discussion on that concept.

What if the limit is well below what’s needed to replace the existing lighting system? Trade the idea of total replacement for “low cost major upgrade.” This is now possible, due to innovative lighting products that have hit the market over the past year.

For example, one product dramatically cuts the time of upgrading fluorescent fixtures by integrating components you’d normally have to wire in the field. There are LED fixtures that you can use as direct replacements for metal halide HID fixtures of a given size (as opposed to wiring in a whole new system with new raceway, new supports, etc.).

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