LED isn’t Just Lamps

LED isn’t Just LampsThe early LED lighting products were typically patterned after the CFL as direct replacements for “light bulbs.” The compact part of the design meant compromises. With the CFL, these compromises simply made for a bad product. In most cases, the “light bulb” it replaces is a better choice.

With the LED “light bulb,” the energy savings are so great that even if you can’t use a dimmer it’s a great direct replacement choice. Except, it doesn’t afford very many opportunities for the enterprising electrical contractor.

But LED products go way beyond “light bulbs” intended as direct replacements incandescent versions.

Consider the LED strip. These come in a variety of kits. You can use them for security, accent lighting, and even main lighting. The flexible strips give you the ability to propose eye-catching custom lighting installations.

For example, suppose a customer asks for a quote to change the lighting in their front entrance and lobby. You could propose LED floodlights for the walkway from the parking lot and recessed LED for the lobby. Looking around, you see the trophy case, picture of the company founder, and seating all present opportunities for a mix of 3500K soft light strips, 3500K high output strips, and 6500K high output strips. Sure, your customer “could” install these strips, but not with the workmanship you can and certainly not as a turnkey system complete with timers and daylight sensors.

Think of building a portfolio of installations to draw even more business.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection

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