Bending metallic raceway, Part 3

Previously, we looked at a six-step method for bending a stick of metallic raceway. We also looked at how to make an end bend.

Another type of bend, which is best done with an offset bender, is the offset bend. If you don’t have an offset bender, can you correctly make offset bends? Yes. You can even make them if all you have is a hickey.

Place the raceway on the floor and measure along the floor (don’t measure along the raceway). Mark three measurements on the floor, as you go. The measurements are:

  1. “Start”. Distance from the end that’s in the box to where the first bend must start.
  2. “End”. Distance from starting point of the first bend to the ending point of the second.
  3. “Depth”. How much offset you need to not hit the obstruction; it’s “detour” distance the raceway needs.

Next draw a square, such that the:

  • Upper left corner is at Start.
  • Length of each side = Depth.
  • Lower right corner is on Bend Point 2.

Now, from the box end outward, mark on the raceway:

  • The Start distance. This is Bend Point 1.
  • Bend Point 2.

Put the raceway in the hickey, and align with Bend Point 1. Push down on the end that doesn’t go in the box until your bend’s made.

Next, slide the hickey to Bend Point 2. Turn the straight end upward. Pull down to finish making the offset.

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