Bending Metallic Raceway, Part 2

In our first part, we looked at a six-step method for putting a bend in a stick of metallic raceway.

That’s fine, if you’re just trying to put a standard 90 or 45 in a straight stick. If you never miscalculate, never run raceway in odd spaces, never have to run raceway around obstacles, and tend to win the lottery on a regular basis, then those are the only kinds of bends you need to make.

Everybody else will have to make end bends, probably many times. This particular bend scores higher casualty rates than other kinds of bends, sometimes resulting in a small pile of ruined conduit and an electrician with a pounding headache.

Trying to thread after bending is frustratingly difficult. But bending at the end with the stick already threaded can easily mean ruining the threads. What’s the solution?

Wrapping a rag around the threads and/or trying to recut them after they’ve been squashed doesn’t work. Here’s what does:

  1. While the raceway is still straight, thread it about ½ to ¾ of an inch.
  2. Screw a cap onto the threads. If you don’t have a cap, use a coupling or other straight fitting.
  3. Make your bend.
  4. Remove the cap.
  5. Using a hand die, carefully retrace the short thread you put on earlier and thread the raceway so you have your “final” threads.

This works because while you’re doing the bend, you don’t have exposed threads to damage.

Bending Metallic Raceway, Part 1

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