Summit Electric Supply Announces Candidate Search and Succession Plan Efforts

Summit Electric Supply has begun a search for candidates to take the role of President and Chief Operating Officer for the company.

Co-founder and current President and CEO Victor R. Jury Jr. announces he will continue to serve as CEO and Chairman of the Board of the Directors and will focus on Summit’s strategic direction for the future. The company’s new President and COO will report directly to the CEO and be responsible for Summit’s strategic execution, continued growth, and effective operations.

The search comes as part of a multi-year succession strategy that’s being implemented companywide. The succession planning efforts are designed to ensure an appropriate organizational structure to support Summit’s long term objectives.

To assist in the careful and rigorous selection process, Summit has retained Suzanne Burns, a distribution industry specialist at the respected national search firm Spenser Stuart. Jury says the successful candidate “will have qualifications that align with Summit’s vision and values and bring skill sets to accelerate our growth and vision to be the best in the industry.”

Summit has also engaged a firm to assist in its search for qualified individuals to serve as independent members of Summit’s Board of Directors, ensuring Summit’s future leaders have value-driven governance, guidance, and accountability that will drive favorable results for Summit associates, customers, suppliers, and investors.

“Summit’s board of directors, leadership team, and I are carefully planning for many years of continued success for Summit and our associates,” says Jury. “Without exception, we want our associates and Summit to prosper far into the future, well beyond any of our own individual careers.”

 Jury co-founded Summit with Victor Jury Sr. and David Meredith in 1977 and has served as the company’s president since 1990.

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