PSNH Downplays City Savings of Converting to LED Street Lights

Public Service of New Hampshire is downplaying the savings that Manchester might realize by converting to efficient LED street lights. The city has nearly 9,000 street lights and is by far PSNH’s largest municipal customer. Its electric bill to PSNH to keep the street lights on is approximately $1.4 million annually. But under the tariff structure proposed by PSNH the city it would only see an overall estimated reduction in costs of 8 percent. This is because the city already uses HPS lights, which are considered relatively efficient, consuming 50-70 watts; LEDs consume 40 watts. Under PSNH’s proposal, communities would bear all the costs associated with the purchase and installation of lights. At a cost of $300 per light, the purchase of 9,000 lights could cost nearly $3 million.

12/24 The New Hampshire Union Leader

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