Connecticut LED Street Light Program Launches Municipal ESCO Purchases

ESCO Energy Services is set to receive its first LED street light conversion orders under the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities’ Street Light Conversion Program. In a five-year partnership, it will enable municipalities to both purchase existing utility-owned street lights and convert those poles to LED-based fixtures. The ESCO Energy Services program goes beyond the typical retrofit project because it will allow municipalities that don’t own their street light inventory to purchase those lights from the local utility. Moreover, the offer includes the option to install networked controls and the management software and tools needed to manage the inventory both in terms of maintenance operations and in dimming the lights when appropriate for maximum energy savings. ESCO Energy Services said it is in negotiations with 20 of the 153 municipalities that comprise the CCM membership and the company projects the potential to close to $25-$30 million in CCM LED street light projects during the next five years.

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