City Skyline a Hint of Lights’ Bright Future by Daniel P. Finney

Folks driving past downtown Des Moines at night might notice a dash of color in the city skyline. The Financial Center is glowing a bright teal these days. The building could illuminate any of 16 million colors, using the 72 LED light fixtures around the base of the building, The Empire State Building in New York City gets a lot of attention for different lighting tricks. One of KCL Engineering’s most exciting lighting plans may have the potential to improve student performance. A future in which room lights are controlled with the same precision as digital thermostats, with even greater options. The idea is to use the controllable features of LED bulbs to create lighting that mimics sunlight. Research shows the natural changes of daylight help regulate body rhythms and brain chemistry and helps the brain stay awake and perform better compared with light from fluorescent lights or tungsten bulbs.

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