Smart Lighting Centers on Battle of Integrated Controls, Sensor Fusion, and IoT Connectivity

The next revolution is here. While we’ve used the term “smart lighting” for half a decade to describe what we thought would be coming, the reality is that it’s going to be about a lot more than adding better intelligence into the luminaires. This revolution is about getting connected, both to the space (such as in human-centric lighting, or HCL) as well as to the IoT, with the task of delivering awareness delegating decision-making down. Smart lighting systems will quickly find themselves in demand as the host for a complete Internet of “sensor-driven” awareness. In reality, this will be about the luminaire knowing it should dim to 50%, based on the occupancy, traffic, time, and ambient light conditions — and then just doing it. The building management system (BMS) will be more about checking to see what the lights have decided, as well as providing overrides or updated decision parameters.

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