Five Things That Could Replace the Light Switch

LEDs may have the near future sewn up as far as light sources go, but the crystal ball is altogether murkier when it comes to the question of controls. How will they look in the future? There are several technologies seeking to usurp the humble wall rocker:

  • Gestures – The proposition of gesture-controlled lighting is a simple one: why walk up to a switch when you could simply wave at it from where you are?
  • Voice control – And Steve said, ‘let there be light’, and there was light.
  • Presence detection – In the commercial sector, presence detection – or more accurately motion detection – is as old as the hills.
  • Apps – Lets you take control of your lighting with a downloadable smartphone app. The idea is you can turn your lights on and off, dim them up or down, or adjust their color from the comfort of your sofa either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  • Your smart home hub – Smart homes are smartest when all the systems are able to talk to each other. One simple way to do that is to have a device that’s in charge like a smart thermostat.

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