Expiration Deadline for 700 Series T8 Lamps Approaching

In 2009, DOE issued energy standards for commercial general-service fluorescent lamps that took effect July 14, 2012 and eliminated a majority of 4-ft. linear and 2-ft. U-shaped T12 lamps and many 8-ft. T12 and T12HO lamps from the market. Lower-color-rendering (700 series) 4-ft. T8 lamps are covered and were expected to be eliminated, but DOE granted an exemption. LightNOW has confirmed with Philips, Halco, OSRAM SYLVANIA and GE that they have not applied for an extension of the exemption, as the rare earth crisis has largely abated. Unless manufacturers offer new products that satisfy the energy standards, a majority of these products will be removed from the market.


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