A Device that Follows You by Day and Zaps You with Corrective Light by Night

According to a story by the BBC, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has come up with the Daysimeter, a means to ensure that the denizens of far northern climes in Sweden and similar latitudes expose themselves to enough proper light to maintain their mental and physical well-being during the dreary days of winter. The premise is that people need exposure to a certain amount of sunlight to keep their circadian rhythms in order, lest nasty things set in such as depression. Slung around your neck, the Daysimeter records how much sunlight has hit you over the course of your day (circadian light-dark patterns). Arrive at home that night, and that information transmits to a hub, which ascertains exactly what you need: No, not a stiff drink, but an extra dose of light, which the hub then instructs your home’s smart lamps to deliver.

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