Summit Electric Supply Celebrates 40th Anniversary

A Trusted Name in Wholesale Electrical Distribution Commemorates 40 Years in Business

Summit Electric Supply is celebrating its 40th anniversary as a leader in the electrical distribution industry. For the past four decades, Summit has built a tradition of excellence in providing innovative solutions and exceptional customer service.

Founded by Victor Jury, Sr., David Meredith and Victor Jury Jr., Summit began operations on August 15, 1977 with a staff of five in Albuquerque, NM. After 40 years of innovation and steady growth, the company has expanded to 25 service centers in five states employing over 600 associates. The company also operates a service center in Dubai, UAE and has divisions devoted to marine, EP&C and international sales. Summit is ranked #19 among the nation’s top electrical distributors by Modern Distribution Management Magazine.

“It has been an amazing journey the past 40 years, said Victor Jury Jr., Summit Chairman and CEO. “We opened with five people, including my dad, Dave Meredith and myself. From that day forward, the one constant that has contributed to our success has been the unwavering commitment to provide our customers the best combination of products and services in the market.”

Jury went on to say, “We’ve built the best team of associates in the industry, partnered with some of the best manufacturers and invested in the resources required to deliver on our promises day-in, day-out. I am confident that we will continue to increase our value to our customers for many years to come and, in doing so, grow our relationships and business to new heights.”

Summit serves a broad range of electrical professionals from local contractors to multinational corporations. The company offers over 1.8 million unique products from more than 1500 manufacturers. Summit also offers various specialized services including inventory management, project management, customized business services, mobile apps and ecommerce through its website at

Summit Electric Supply is a privately held, independent electrical distributor headquartered in Albuquerque, NM. For more information, visit us at


Victor Jury, Sr., co-founder of Summit Electric Supply, poses in front of the original Summit building located at 3317 Girard NE in Albuquerque, NM. The original 6000-square-foot facility opened on August 15, 1977.

In August 2017, after 40 years of innovation and steady growth, Summit Electric Supply has expanded to 25 service centers in five states employing over 600 associates. The company also operates a service center in Dubai, UAE and has divisions devoted to marine, EP&C and international sales. Pictured: Summit’s headquarters located at 2900 Stanford NE, Albuquerque, NM.

Summit Electric Supply Names Ryan Oehring as Vice President, Desert Southwest District

Summit Electric Supply announces that Ryan Oehring has joined Summit and will lead the company’s Desert Southwest District. Oehring was previously an Integration Solutions Director for an international industrial supplier. He will report to President Kevin Powell and be based out of Summit’s Phoenix, Arizona location.

“Ryan possesses a proven track record in the area of profitable sales growth as well as outstanding management and team building skills,” said Victor Jury Jr., Summit Chairman and CEO. “We are thrilled to have Ryan on our team and know he is looking forward to leading our associates and strengthening relationships with customers and vendors.”

Oehring will be responsible for the development and execution of sales initiatives in the company’s newly created Desert Southwest district. The district includes service centers located in Phoenix, Arizona; El Paso, Texas; and three New Mexico locations in Farmington, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque.

“I am very excited to join Summit and be a part of this team. Summit has created a great reputation in the marketplace for being focused on the success of its customers and associates,” said Oehring.

After graduating from California State Polytechnic University-Pomona, Oehring began his career in sales, where his early successes in growth strategies soon led to more demanding and responsible management roles. In addition to sales development, Oehring has earned experience in personnel development, vendor relationships and operational logistics.

Use Occupancy Sensor Lighting to Promote More Controls

Let’s say you have traditional wall switches in a business that someone must “open” each day. Someone probably walks through the semi-dark to get to those switches, unless you create a lighted path to those switches. With occupancy sensors, that path need not waste electricity.

You could also use a series of occupancy sensors to supplement your required exit path lighting. As people approach a given spot along the path, certain lights come on to beckon them forward. If you use an LED mosaic flexible light, you could get creative.

If you put lighting on occupancy sensors, the owner can see the savings and also see the office “wakes up”when someone needs to use it. The lights can be shut off after normal hours, and also on weekends and during holidays.

Don’t stop with lighting. Suppose the business is an office that is normally open five days a week. Ancillary equipment, such as water fountains, normally runs seven days a week. Then there are copiers, scanners, and printers that are plugged in all the time; even on standby, they use the juice. How much money does that cost each year?

Your lighting project can serve as the basis for a follow-on project to control what the owner doesn’t see (e.g., selected equipment). Sometimes there are projects that require use of the office on weekends. So you give the office the ability to “wake up” when someone enters it during “off hours.”

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection